Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things I Wanna Do When Hubby Gets Home

Being in a long distance relationship really s***s sometimes most especially when you want to do some stuff that only your significant other can make more enjoyable for you.  It's not that I have put my life on hold just because Jay is not here.  I just put the good stuff on hold or has enjoyed it in moderation until he gets here.  And now that it's only a month until he gets home, I'm writing down so not to forget anything.


Since my travel buddy-slash-driver will now be home, we can now do more travelling together!  This is the one I am looking most forward to.  I have been in the mercy of my parents since he left meaning I have to ask for their "permission" before I can leave the house since I don't have a yaya to look after my baby.  Now we can go on road trips whenever and wherever we want to!  And to add more awesomeness to this,  we will be getting A LOT of free GCs from resorts and hotels (also theme parks as well!) coz of the 4th Call Center Olympics!

2.  RUN!

I've been meaning to run for the longest time but without a running buddy to motivate me I just shelved this idea until Jay comes home.  I also plan on bringing Adam along on afternoon walks/jogs around the village oval for him to get some exercise also.


I was a movie buff way back in college.  We used to watch a movie or two every week.  But now that I have no permanent movie buddy, I just resorted to just downloading the movies and archiving them until hubby gets home.  Hopefully we will be able to watch in a real theater soon.


I missed posing in front of the camera with hubby!  So for our anniversary this year, I plan on doing another photoshoot!  I think we'll do it in Batangas this time in Aquatico.  I always love the look of that place.  The concept is not yet fully developed thou.  I still have to think that thru.  But once everything is finalized, I'll share it here.

I think that's enough for now to fill our 2012.  Can't wait!

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