Thursday, January 19, 2012

Movie Itch: We Bought a Zoo

Since being a mom I have limited time to go out and do the things I used to do when I was single or without a child.  Things like going to the mall with friends and watching movies, which I did weekly when I was in college, took a back seat.  The last time I have been to a movie theater was...I can't even remember!  I think it was when I watched Harry Potter 7 Part 1.  Harry Potter is a big favorite and I even afforded not to watch the much awaited Part 2.  I just don't have the urge anymore since I'd rather spend the time at home with Adam.  But with this film, I really am looking for time to watch it!

We Bought a Zoo is a movie I think I will really learn a lot because I REALLY WANT A ZOO!  At first, I actually just want to build my own animal sanctuary for tigers.  Since they are dwindling in numbers I really want to help bring back the species to a healthier number.  Already consulted hubby and brother about this and they are both aboard with the idea. (This is the reason why I can't wand won't marry a non-animal lover.) But then I started wanting to include other animals like elephants and other wild animals who are dwindling in numbers.  The plan is grand, I know, and we are working our butt of to save for this dream  We actually have a plan on how we can in a few years from now afford this.  Then now I came to thinking why not build a zoo so that people can also be educated on how to take care of the environment and animals like what I saw in Ocean Adventure in Hong Kong where they teach the park goers about the Panda.  That would be hitting two birds in one stone:  education and making the project sustainable.

So back to the movie We Bought a Zoo.  Here is the trailer.  And as icing on the  cake, it even stars Matt Damon!

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