Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions

I always love making my new year resolutions and I am happy to say I complete more than half of them the whole time.  This year, my list consist of the following items:

1.  Eradicate ALL debts.  Not even those GSIS and Pag Ibig salary loans they give almost interest free to government employees.  I want my pay slip squeaky clean!  The deductions I just wanna see there is the unavoidable tax and mutual aid (The amount we give to those co employees who lost their loved ones or kick the bucket themselves. To put it simply, abuloy.)

2.  Have a trust fund for Adam.

3.  Earn really big from The 4th Call Center Olympics.  Since the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and Chris Sports has recently partnered with us, I can really see this happening.  Thus my Number 2 item.

4.  Be more kikay!  No more not looking at the mirror the whole day.

5.  Dress more.  No more shirt and shorts combo unless I will be partnering the ensemble with accessories. Which leads me to my next resolution...

6.  Accessorize more!  I am such a simple woman that I really don't pay attention much on my looks.  Well, I turned 30 this 2011 so I can't afford that anymore.  Tumatanda na tayo.  Kelangan na magpabeauty. hehe

7.  Travel more.  Since hubby will be going home for good this February, I will have my travel buddy back.  Would love to see more of the world.

8.  Write more on this blog.  I had a blog when I was single which I maintained religiously everyday even writing twice or thrice on a day sometimes.  That's how full my days are.  Now my days are more fuller and richer.  I think that's enough reason to blog more.

8.  SAVE!!!


  1. we almost have the same goals but in my case, I don't do new year resolution anymore. I just do it! I have a new list called "Faith Goals"
    believing and claiming that everything I write on that list with God's grace will be given or will come true hopefully before the year ends. :-)

  2. i have to write it down else i forget some and will lose track. :) i like how you call your new list.