Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Preparing for Adam's 2nd Birthday

We are kind of hoping that for Adam's 2nd birthday his Dad would already be here.  If that will be the scenario then we will make his birthday in Malolos Bulacan where his Daddy is from.  Unfortunately, that didn't materialize so now back on having his birthday here in our good old hometown.  We (or I since parties are always MY decision lol) opted to just make it simple and hold it in Shakey's.  I like their Justice League theme and I think my son would just look dashing in a Superman outfit.  And so 3 weeks before his birthday, I booked his birthday at Shakey's Waltermart San Fernando.  

Details, details, details!

Motif:  Red, Blue and Black
Food:  Bunch of Lunch food package
Foodcarts:  Popcorn and Cupcakes

What I love about birthdays in restaurants aside from being affordable is that you need not worry about a lot of things anymore.  Food packages are available for your choosing, decors are there too and lootbags and souvenirs are all terno!

Now for Adam's invitation:

Now all I need to worry about now is his cake design!

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