Monday, January 23, 2012

Adam's Birthday

Today is my son's birthday! The tot turned two today.  We had a simple celebration in Shakey's Waltermart.  But before I share the photos of today's celebration, let me first show you the photos of my son's 1st birthday that can be found on Ging Lorenzo's blog.  I am just so proud of this party coz everything I conceptualized was brought to life by my suppliers.  It may have damaged our pockets a little but it's very well worth it.  And Ging and her back up photographer Ces are just sooooo good in documenting it!  So enjoy browsing.  Will upload his 2nd birthday photos soon (I am still a little pissed at some of the photos but that's a totally different post.)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Movie Itch: We Bought a Zoo

Since being a mom I have limited time to go out and do the things I used to do when I was single or without a child.  Things like going to the mall with friends and watching movies, which I did weekly when I was in college, took a back seat.  The last time I have been to a movie theater was...I can't even remember!  I think it was when I watched Harry Potter 7 Part 1.  Harry Potter is a big favorite and I even afforded not to watch the much awaited Part 2.  I just don't have the urge anymore since I'd rather spend the time at home with Adam.  But with this film, I really am looking for time to watch it!

We Bought a Zoo is a movie I think I will really learn a lot because I REALLY WANT A ZOO!  At first, I actually just want to build my own animal sanctuary for tigers.  Since they are dwindling in numbers I really want to help bring back the species to a healthier number.  Already consulted hubby and brother about this and they are both aboard with the idea. (This is the reason why I can't wand won't marry a non-animal lover.) But then I started wanting to include other animals like elephants and other wild animals who are dwindling in numbers.  The plan is grand, I know, and we are working our butt of to save for this dream  We actually have a plan on how we can in a few years from now afford this.  Then now I came to thinking why not build a zoo so that people can also be educated on how to take care of the environment and animals like what I saw in Ocean Adventure in Hong Kong where they teach the park goers about the Panda.  That would be hitting two birds in one stone:  education and making the project sustainable.

So back to the movie We Bought a Zoo.  Here is the trailer.  And as icing on the  cake, it even stars Matt Damon!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things I Wanna Do When Hubby Gets Home

Being in a long distance relationship really s***s sometimes most especially when you want to do some stuff that only your significant other can make more enjoyable for you.  It's not that I have put my life on hold just because Jay is not here.  I just put the good stuff on hold or has enjoyed it in moderation until he gets here.  And now that it's only a month until he gets home, I'm writing down so not to forget anything.


Since my travel buddy-slash-driver will now be home, we can now do more travelling together!  This is the one I am looking most forward to.  I have been in the mercy of my parents since he left meaning I have to ask for their "permission" before I can leave the house since I don't have a yaya to look after my baby.  Now we can go on road trips whenever and wherever we want to!  And to add more awesomeness to this,  we will be getting A LOT of free GCs from resorts and hotels (also theme parks as well!) coz of the 4th Call Center Olympics!

2.  RUN!

I've been meaning to run for the longest time but without a running buddy to motivate me I just shelved this idea until Jay comes home.  I also plan on bringing Adam along on afternoon walks/jogs around the village oval for him to get some exercise also.


I was a movie buff way back in college.  We used to watch a movie or two every week.  But now that I have no permanent movie buddy, I just resorted to just downloading the movies and archiving them until hubby gets home.  Hopefully we will be able to watch in a real theater soon.


I missed posing in front of the camera with hubby!  So for our anniversary this year, I plan on doing another photoshoot!  I think we'll do it in Batangas this time in Aquatico.  I always love the look of that place.  The concept is not yet fully developed thou.  I still have to think that thru.  But once everything is finalized, I'll share it here.

I think that's enough for now to fill our 2012.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Preparing for Adam's 2nd Birthday

We are kind of hoping that for Adam's 2nd birthday his Dad would already be here.  If that will be the scenario then we will make his birthday in Malolos Bulacan where his Daddy is from.  Unfortunately, that didn't materialize so now back on having his birthday here in our good old hometown.  We (or I since parties are always MY decision lol) opted to just make it simple and hold it in Shakey's.  I like their Justice League theme and I think my son would just look dashing in a Superman outfit.  And so 3 weeks before his birthday, I booked his birthday at Shakey's Waltermart San Fernando.  

Details, details, details!

Motif:  Red, Blue and Black
Food:  Bunch of Lunch food package
Foodcarts:  Popcorn and Cupcakes

What I love about birthdays in restaurants aside from being affordable is that you need not worry about a lot of things anymore.  Food packages are available for your choosing, decors are there too and lootbags and souvenirs are all terno!

Now for Adam's invitation:

Now all I need to worry about now is his cake design!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions

I always love making my new year resolutions and I am happy to say I complete more than half of them the whole time.  This year, my list consist of the following items:

1.  Eradicate ALL debts.  Not even those GSIS and Pag Ibig salary loans they give almost interest free to government employees.  I want my pay slip squeaky clean!  The deductions I just wanna see there is the unavoidable tax and mutual aid (The amount we give to those co employees who lost their loved ones or kick the bucket themselves. To put it simply, abuloy.)

2.  Have a trust fund for Adam.

3.  Earn really big from The 4th Call Center Olympics.  Since the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and Chris Sports has recently partnered with us, I can really see this happening.  Thus my Number 2 item.

4.  Be more kikay!  No more not looking at the mirror the whole day.

5.  Dress more.  No more shirt and shorts combo unless I will be partnering the ensemble with accessories. Which leads me to my next resolution...

6.  Accessorize more!  I am such a simple woman that I really don't pay attention much on my looks.  Well, I turned 30 this 2011 so I can't afford that anymore.  Tumatanda na tayo.  Kelangan na magpabeauty. hehe

7.  Travel more.  Since hubby will be going home for good this February, I will have my travel buddy back.  Would love to see more of the world.

8.  Write more on this blog.  I had a blog when I was single which I maintained religiously everyday even writing twice or thrice on a day sometimes.  That's how full my days are.  Now my days are more fuller and richer.  I think that's enough reason to blog more.

8.  SAVE!!!